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    My first trip of 2012 was in March to the far off land of Tokyo, Japan.
    It''s far away & a very different destination.
    Cherry blossoms are just budding & about ready to spring forth.
    The parks & temples are beautiful & very popular places for both locals &
    It helps to learn a some Japanese phases as English is not widely spoken.
    The subway system is fantastic & fairly easy to get around the city. You
    can buy a day pass to ride all day from one site to the next. Their are
    excellent maps of the subway system & all tourists would be wise to carry one
    around. At the individual stations there is always help to assist you
    with where to catch the next train you need to ride. Most stations have many
    entrances & exists so always ask which one you should take. Have local
    currency as you cannot use USD to purchase your ticket or credit cards either.
    I found a lot of the smaller merchants also do not take credit cards. The
    big stores do.
    There is a fabulous open market near one of the big temples that''s loads of
    fun to walk around. Good for souvenirs & lots of thing to eat especially
    sweet "stuff"
    Take a full day tour of the city so that you know what you want to hit in
    the next days that you are in town.
    Get up early, really early & make it out to the fish market & watch the
    tuna auction.

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